We made a huge commitment in creating the best ever laundromat solution for ourselves. We will not simply share the technical tool, but share our ideas, expertise and business logic as well.


We are passionate about our business and love our clients. This is why we try to do our best to deliver perfect solutions for your business model.


Our system guarantees unbelievable savings and opens up new business possibilities. For example, manage remote OPL locations (student dormitories, resorts etc.) efficiently or reach new clients with smart lockers.


We are constantly looking for new ways to improve. Machine reservation system, reminders about the ending cycles, invoicing system, notifications about errors from the machines make you and your clients life easier.


Most of the washers and dryers are compatible with our system. Though, depending on the machine type functionalities may differ. Contact us to figure our want we can do with the specific machines.


We love efficiency. Your business could be on-board within a month.