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We are the group of companies based in Lithuania and Latvia for seven years digging deep in the task of bringing laundromat to 21st century's customers standarts.
Now we have clients all over Europe - 640 locations, more than 5 000 machines, 15 apps running on our PRO solution.
In Lithuania we have our own successfully working chain of laundromats - LONDRIS (
We are not only developers, we are owners of the business.
The idea of connecting various types of machines in one system using "magic box" - specially crafted ethernet gateway - was presented at The Clean Show in Las Vegas back in 2017.
This solution leads to connecting a wider laundromat owners community of those who need affordable simple solution.
With the launch of THE LAUNDROMAT APP we have all the tools and the know-how to help you.

Laundry ReSTART began a few years ago as a start-up company callled LONDRIS, building a system from scratch, in this period we had the unique chance to view the process through the eyes of the owner, employee and client. We had to consider the high demands of the advanced and technically thinking client, but to remember not to leave the older generation behind.

This challenge led us to an innovative concept of accounting, marketing, managing, safety and design. We envisioned the client entering a Laundromat, choosing a washer and detergent, paying for it at a kiosk terminal. The manager would receive notifications about new purchases in real-time. A client base is gradually accrued which can be used for marketing purposes. With the aid of our sophisticated statistics tool we can analyze online data instantly.

The Laundry ReSTART system is meant to be integral and cover all possible situation and solutions for the laundry owners, workers and clients alike, as well as offering a easy to use interface. The payment terminal, is designed for maximum simplicity and convenience - it links washers, dryers, detergent vending machines, coffee machines etc.

We co-operate with the digital pioneers from Latvia Wash-Pal, a revolutionary Internet based laundry payment and monitoring system, incorporating technology and proprietary features. Our partners in video surveillance and security are G4S Lithuania, and together we came up with effective solution to maximize safety and securityin the laundry premises, by establishing the alert button, surveillance cameras, and a semi-automatic door locking system.

By combining all the best technical solutions available today, we are proud to present Laundry ReSTART, so you can run your laundry business more effectively!

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In your life you meet so many people that share their personal experience, passion to create, curiosity and unique mindset with you. That is a true treasure that cannot be wasted.

You got to gather it all and make good things happen.

Suddenly #SkyIsTheLimit is not just a slogan.

That's where we are now. Constantly inspired to move forward with innovations and "impossible" ideas.